The Travail of Ada Jesus, the Rita Edochie And Prophet Odumeje Connection (Videos)


They said Ada Jesus lied against Rita and Rita cursed Ada who is said to be very sick and begging those she had offended. Now, Rita said she has forgiven Ada, but social media still not happy with her for cursing in the first place.

But it appears, Rita Edochie and Prophet Odumeje is not the only peole Ada Jesus has offended. A video surfaced when she vowed to kill one Ekeh living in Cote D’Voire for commenting that she’s a scam, the same allegation she labelled against the Prophet.

Watch the video below

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After much persuation, Rita Edochie said she has forgiven Ada Jesus, see video below:

“I am here to tell you all that I have forgiven Ada Jesus. From my heart to heart, I have forgiven you Ada Jesus,

“Stop insulting men of God, particularly my man of God, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere Odumeje. Use him to respect me. He’s good for me, that’s why I’m with him,” 

“Stop mocking me because I’m following Odumejeje. Whatever anyone is comfortable with, let them do. I am comfortable staying with him. Look for a good place and stay. Leave us alone.”

Rita Edochie says She has forgiven Ada Jesus
Ada Jesus, sick and brought to Odumeje’s church for prayers and pardon


  1. We should just mind our business when it comes to the things of the spirit… When we are not sure of something, we should just keep quiet than causing problems for our selves and families….


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