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SEXCAPADE OF NATASHA (37) By Emdee David Mazi, the Commissioner is at the poolside of the hotel with the governor. The main meeting was brief and now it is the merriment that is occupying their mind and time. Natasha sits directly opposite...
Sexcapade Of Natasha (31) By Emdee David Andy knocks twice at Vera’s door. There is no response. So he decides to leave, but before he drives off, the door opens and Vera begs him to come in. she offers him wine but he refuses.
SEXCAPADE OF NATASHA - 28 By Emdee David “So, what next?” Cynthia says to Ken as she wears her pants. The second sex bout had been more vigorous and intense. She enjoyed it, and had confessed so to the heart-broken pastor. “Go...
THE SEXCAPADE OF NATASHA (2) - by Emdee David Natasha Peters had been thirty minutes late to the meeting. Her apologies had come not in words but in salacious cunning winks that were meant for everybody and nobody in particular; they’d been deliberately made...

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