STORY OF JUNGLIST: Oritse Femi and Chibudo – by Stephen Uwafiokun Obakpee


A Facebook user known as Stephen Uwafiokun Obakpee expresses his opinion on how the Jungulist broke up and one member made while the other didn’t. Read his post below, unedited.

“Not every advice given to you by a person/ people are of good intentions.
The motives of some of this advice, are to bring you down and destroy you.
Lemmi share with you a true story
Most of you never heard of “junglist” a musical duo of Chibudo and Oritse Femi. Chibudo was an Igbo guy, Oritse Femi, an ilaje guy.
Those days, if you never knew of them, you’re not an indigene of Ajegunle and a fan of konto dance and music. They were so famous that,if u never play any of their songs for your party, the party never start be that.
Some of their hit songs, “flog politician koboko, Elewon” and the others.
They were doing well indeed until they started listening to people’s opinions.

They came through Chibudo, they were like,
“Chi, why you nor go solo? Na you dey write most of una songs, na just voice Femi get. Go solo, you go blow. Femi dey hold you back”
Indeed, he was the writer of most of their songs. He paid attention to what he was listening to and decided to give it a trial
Not long after, they separated, and went their ways. There was no need, bearing “junglist” they had to look for a different name. Chibudo changed his to “chi junglist” while Oritse Femi answered his real name, “Oritse Femi”
They both ventured into the showbiz business, not as partners anymore, but as separate entities, just like Peter and Paul of P Square.
Not long after their separation, Oritse Femi came through, with “mercies of the Lord” it was not only heard in Ajegunle, the song was a hit, in the remix,he featured the great late Da grin. He didn’t stoped there. He dropped another one, “better for Everyman” where he featured vector the rapper.
He crowned it with a callabo with D’ banj in “Double wahala”
What happened to his former partner, chi junglist?
Chi junglist, became a shadow of his old self, after their separation.
All the songs he released after the breakup,was never heard. He struggled, but all in vain.

Same people that adviced him to go solo, same people started making jest of him.
“U nor dey shame? Nor be you and oritse femi start this hustle,see where him dey now, you still dey here, one hit you never drop since”
He was tagged, “local champion”
While Oritse Femi was touring round the world, on paid shows, Chibudo was seen walking about, the streets of Ajegunle, frustrated.
Femi relocated his family from the slumps of Ajegunle,to a better place.
If u live around those Ilaje areas, you will know what I’m talking about, it’s indeed a slump.
I have being there ,so I know their stories.

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There’s nothing as frustrating as seeing your ex partner excelling, while you’re not, and knowing fully well u suggested the break up.
That was the fate of chibudo, watching his ex partner oritse femi on TV granting interviews here and there, chilling with top celebrities. In his mind that moment was,
“Mehn, that could be us, na me and femi for dey there😢💔”
He passed through constant criticism from people
“U be mumu ooo! Wetin make u break up with femi? Shebi na una 2 for dey enjoy now?”
That was how a talent was wasted, because of he listened to people’s opinions.

And on the part of Oritse Femi, the break up was what made him, it turned out that it was Chibudo that was actually holding him back when they were together.
He was struck by an unknown sickness, that made him seriously ill.
Broke, and nothing to rely on,he came out to seek for alms from people to go for treatment.
After everything he died.
Yes! He’s dead.


Not everyone’s opinions should get a shelter in ur heart.
Words can make you words can also break you…
Don’t wait for people’s permission to be great, you may never get it.”



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