Sexcapade Of Natasha – 40


By Emdee David

The toes are a very erotic part of the human body. Any man or woman that doesn’t get turned on when his toes are lovingly caressed by the opposite sex is probably a leper. LOL. But it’s true.

The Governor from the eastern region is not a leper, and he is responding well to the soft touch of Natasha on his toes. In fact, it had never occurred to him that that part of his body is of any use on the bed. Why hasn’t his wife thought of it? There seems to be a direct nerve connecting the toes to his manhood which is now fully erect and emitting semen. They are not at the State’s Government Lodge. It is a secluded, “coded” hotel off the main city.

“Wow,” he gasps. “I can’t believe this.”

Natasha goes further to use her tongue on his toes and the Governor is enveloped in excitement.

“You like it?” asks Natasha Peters.

“I love it, nne

“I told you it’s a special treat”

“This is heavenly,” he says and beckons on her with his middle finger to come over. She crawls towards his face and begins to kiss him. He feels the smell and tastes the dirt of his toes, but does not complain. Thank God he is not a leper.

The kiss gets more intense and he gently massages her boobs. Natasha enjoys that a lot. “You seem to be in Abuja too often these days, why?”

“Abuja is the Capital of Nigeria,” the governor says amidst moaning. “Abuja is where the money is, and it’s where the real politicking is.”

“Hmmm,” Natasha sighs, hot breath escaping her nostrils.

“And actually, you are one more reason I have to spend more time in Abuja.”

Natasha giggles. He chuckles. And they both know the carrot must be swallowed by the tomatoes. She releases herself from him and lies face down beside him, quietly.

“What’s the matter?” he asks, wondering. Natasha is silent. “Tell me, is it about the money? You think I won’t give you?”


He begins to rub her back.

“I don’t need your hands, I need your dick…come in from behind, and give it to me hard.”

Ewo!” he exclaims and begins to do as she says. “Baby oku”

“Tell me something sweet…” Natasha groans. 

“Like what?”

“Sexy things, sweet things….awww…”

“Don’t worry, what I am doing is sweet enough, take it.” He thrusts harder and Natasha screams. The penetration is deep, tight and so pleasurable. It gets rough by the minutes, faster by seconds until she raises her buttocks and exhales. They change position and the thrusting continues from the front side, legs tied in legs, heat-generating more body heat, and at the climax, the man cries out holding Natasha so passionately like a baby. She moans too, but never an orgasm. So she wants more but the cock has gone to sleep, its owner joins soon later. And all Natasha could do was play a video game from his Android phone.

Ken has not given up on Cynthia. By some cunning arrangement by Vera, he is able to meet with Cynthia in her apartment.

“Cynthia, why did you do this to me?” Ken says in tears. “My own baby?”

“It wasn’t your own baby, and I didn’t want to bring a bastard to your home,” says Cynthia.

“Bloody liar. That was my baby. And, did I say I don’t want a bastard in my house? I am a bastard myself, so are half of the children leaving with their mothers and men they assume are their father.”


“Yes, and you know it,” says Ken. Vera leaves the two of them to get some drinks.

“Well, I am sorry. It’s over now. I never knew you are a bastard.”

“Shut up. You are a wicked person, in fact, a wicked whore…”

“Really?” Cynthia gets up in anger. “You are a whoremonger….from Natasha to Cynthia and to Vera! Is it only whores that you find tasty?”


Vera hears her name and rushes out  

“Don’t pretend, you bastard”

“What did I do?” asks a confused Vera.

“Ken says you are a whore…you and Natasha,” says Cynthia.

Ken glares at Cynthia, and then at Vera in shock. Vera stares at Cynthia.

“And you?”

“He says I am his sweet baby.”


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