Sexcapade Of Natasha- 37


By Emdee David

Mazi, the Commissioner is at the poolside of the hotel with the governor. The main meeting was brief and now it is the merriment that is occupying their mind and time. Natasha sits directly opposite the governor whose eyes has diplomatically stayed glued to her cleavages to the utter discomfort of the commissioner who is now regretting bringing her along with him. Many times he has asked to leave but the government refuses to let him go. He has no choice. You don’t disobey your political godfather. Lucy is busy in the pool swimming in a blue swimsuit.

Vera screams at a corner of the bar as she is handed a check of two million Naira. This is the highest she has ever gotten from her runs. She drinks more and pours for her benefactor, a Lebanese. Minutes later, they drag themselves to the hotel room and booked for the day. Another man is waiting, lying naked on the bed rubbing his manhood with his palms. “Maybe you should start here,” the man says with a heavy accent. The one that just came in with her goes to the bathroom.

“Oh yeah,” says an excited Vera. She jumps on the bed and begins to suck the man whose hands starts to massage her scalp. Her buttocks are raised as the fellatio goes on. The man on the bed moans in excitement. The other man comes in with an already erect dick, plunges it straight from behind, taking Vera unawares. “Oh! My God,” she sighs and then continues on the man on the bed. The duo speak in Lebanese, laughing and moaning at the same time. Vera stops the fellatio as the man gets up and begins to suck her nipples. He is so rough Vera feels he is going to bite off her nipples. But she endures two million in her mind…in her purse.

Andy hovers around Cynthia’s house, searching for any sign of his fiancée but finds nothing. A distant neighbour opines that Cynthia had travelled, but he doesn’t believe. So he drives to Vera’s apartment. Her door is locked. He goes back home worried….and angry.

Late into the night, Mazi is finally released by the governor. The governor smiles to Natasha and gives her his card, smiling as Mazi is frowning at what he had earlier suspected. They now go to the car park and the commissioner could not hide his anger.

“What’s the meaning of that?” she asks, rhetorically.

“What do you mean?”

“You and the governor”

“You should be asking your big-eye governor what my boobs did to him.”

“And why is he giving you his card?”

“You mean why am I accepting the card?”

The commissioner is confused. Natasha brings out a card from her purse and tears it into pieces. She says, “are you happy now? I am not going to see him if that’s your worry. Can we go and have some fun, please? I am wet already.” The commissioner grins widely and all he says is, “Babyyyyyy! I di too much…you are too much.”

They drive off to the government guest house. While inside, Mazi apologizes to Natasha and brings out a bundle of N1000 notes. He drops it right on her breasts. Natasha is angry and says, “Wait, you think I am a prostitute? If I was, you think you can afford me?”

“What again nah? Oya, take another one.” He adds a bundle to it, held firm by her top. Natasha feigns anger and picks her bag then heads to the door? Mazi rushes to meet her with another bundle and puts it right into her bra. “Baby, don’t do this, please.” Natasha thinks for a while and then turns to him. She says, “Now, remove all your money from my breast and put them in my bag. The Commissioner obeys, smiling, but after that, he frowns.

“Now, get these clothes off your body and get on that bed….now.” says the commissioner.

“Or what will happen?”

“Or I will rape you.”

Both of them laugh then hug each other. They kiss and fall on the bed. Natasha undresses the commissioner and herself. She sits on him and begins to caress his hairy chest. She also licks his nipples and then his neck which makes Mazi moan and eager to make love. She controls his impatience for a while so that by the time he penetrates her, she is fully sated and hungry for sex herself. Mazi lasts longer than expected in her and she makes her herself enjoy the copulation.

The two Lebanese are rough on Vera; they take turn in penetrating her, while the other sucks her nipples. The one in her at the moment refuses to give way for the other. He says he wants to climax, so he thrusts faster and harder, making Vera scream pleasurably. The other man’s manhood is in her mouth, he enjoys it and he is thrusting into her mouth as if it is her private part. Both men ejaculate almost at the same time, one in her vag, the other in her mouth.


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