Sexcapade Of Natasha – 36


By Emdee David

The most erotic part of a woman is her heart. Isn’t it? Speak to her heart, the clits would respond.

Natasha listens as a Commissioner from a state from the South East raps on and on about her eyes, nose, ears, boobs, lips and…her ass. His Igbo accent is strong enough to turn a girl off, but surprisingly, Natasha is rather turned on. And she is sure the little man in his pants is not sleeping at this time. They are in the state’s Government lodge where there are more visitors than government officials, and this particular commissioner is said to spend over two weeks of the month in Abuja, in this lodge, and usually with one woman or another to accompany him. He is also known in the circles of Abuja big babes to be a pre-mature “releaser”, but able to go many rounds, even up to sixteen in a day. The man is unique and Natasha wants a taste of him.

She undresses before him and watches his eyes grow wider and almost popping out of their sockets. She smiles at him and he shows her all his teeth in excitement.

Bebiiii mu,” he says, jumping up to his feet, ready for action. His eyes glue to Natasha’s breasts and his hands shiver in anxiety.

“Calm down, oga,” Natasha orders softly. “And mind you, my breast is not the starting point.”

“Is it the finishing point?”

“I don’t know.” Idiot!

Chikene m’eeeeee, baby oku.” He calms down, tries to be mature and pretends he is not carried away. Natasha goes into the bathroom. The government official listens impatiently to the first sound of the drops of poo, and many decades later, the shower.

What is she washing sef? He thinks. Hope she is not washing off the sweet juice o. He truly likes it with the smell, or odour, if possible. He has confessed that to one of the girls, the one that stayed the longest. She had dumped him months ago when the governor of his state himself showed interest in her. The commissioner would never forget Lucy. And since she left him for the governor, he had decided never to let the governor set eyes on any of his “babes.”

His erect manhood starts to go down as his phone rings and he sees the governor’s name via TrueCaller. The hiss that comes out of his mouth is so loud Natasha thinks it is for her. She hurries out stack naked. The commissioner regains his erection, but he is on phone with the governor. He has to talk….a long talk, no way to excuse himself. But Natasha wouldn’t wait for him to be done. She unties his belt, trousers and rubs his little man. It is really little, but there are large, strong protruding veins all over it, and Natasha begins to fear the effect of it when it enters her.

The governor is on his way to Abuja, he would have a brief meeting with him at Transcorp Hotels this evening. His anger is that he is going to see Lucy there too, and his initial anger would erupt again. Or maybe he should go with Natasha, to show off with her beauty, boobs and butts. She garrit all.

“Baby, you garrit,” he shouts after dropping his phone. Natasha is already on the bed with her buttocks raised high. The Commissioner climbs the bed.

“Oga, are you ready?” she asks.

“So sorry dear. I’m here. And please, stop calling me Oga. Call me Mazi, it’s simple and romantic,” he says. Natasha laughs and begins to caress his chest.

Cynthia presses the bell to Andy’s house. It takes sometime before it opens by someone she never expects to be there – Vera. In shock, Cynthia peeps through the door and sees Andy lying down on a couch.

“What are you doing here”

“Nursing,” Vera replies.

“Nursing what?”


“Oh, you now do home service, right?”

“Not really, but, doing this just for you.”

“Really? For me?” Cynthia’s face shows anger. “Good, good Samaritan. Please, help me nurse his dick too. Thanks.”

She turns back and starts to go. Vera shuts the door and runs after her, calling. When Cynthia stops, she says, “See, it’s not what you think.” Cynthia gawks. Vera continues, “I didn’t know you won’t like the idea of soldiers beating him up, I wanted him to suffer for what he did to you? I feel guilty and I just want to make it up to…him… you.”

Cynthia laughs and then says, “I don’t get it. You mean you sent those soldiers that beat Andy up?”

Vera nods. “I am sorry,” she says.

“Sorry for yourself,” Cynthia says and goes away.

Andy is at the door when Vera gets back. “What does she want?” he asks.

“Nothing,” replies Vera. “Let’s go in.”

“With my baby inside of her, I still feel…I love her,” Andy confesses.

“Shut up and get inside. That baby is not yours,” Vera says and goes in.


Mazi is panting and moaning on top of Natasha. He is at his 7th round and he is about to ejaculate again.

“Please, hold it, don’t cum yet,” Natasha pleads, as she pretends to be enjoying it. But, no. His dick is too tiny for her, swimming in and out without touching her walls. Only her fingers on her clit give her extra pleasure. All the same, the man is enjoying it. She presses his buttocks against her waist. Mazi screams in pleasure. And by the time he releases, he is calling, “oh-God…oh-God…” in pleasure and grabbing Natasha’s breasts roughly and firmly, until she also screams “oh-Goddddd!” but in pains.

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Emdee David is a Creative writer, Poet, Producer and Director of radio/TV/Digital Media contents. As a creative, innovative and talented writer, his works include “Shadows of the Sun” (Heinemann Publishers – in view), and several poems. His passion and interests are in Entertainment, Politics, Digital Media and Youth mentorship. He is the President of Africa Entertainment Network (AEN) and currently a postgraduate student of Media and Communications at CIAPS.


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