Sexcapade Of Natasha – 33


By Emdee David

Natasha is handed a complimentary card of the Speaker of the House of Rep. She observes each letter written on the card as if to get a piece of information from it. She tries to memorize the Direct Line, as if the card may be taken away from her unexpectedly.

“Are you sure I can do it,” she says to her Army lover.

“You did well at Geneva, baby. You can do it. Call him anytime from 10 P.M. tomorrow.”

She nods, and stands to go.

“Where to?” the army asks her.

“Got a small business to take care of.”

“But we are not done yet”

“Really? What else?”

“Haba, sweetie, we have not done anything since we came back from the trip. Or are you now hoarding it?” he stands up too and begins to caress her neck. Natasha is non-responsive. He kisses her but she stands still.

“What is it?” he asks.

“You promised to change my car,” says Natasha, with her usual seductive smile.

“That’s why I said we are not done yet,” he says. “Can I have my juice please?”

“Have you gotten the car yet?”

“Yes,” he mutters and he tore off her clothes. She screams. “Don’t worry. I got a new dress for you.”

“But wait…why…”

But he did not wait. He forces the bra off her breasts. “And new sets of bra too,” he adds and he inserts her nipples into his mouth. She then helps herself by letting go of her entire dress.

“It has to be a quick one…”

“The quickest ever…”

She unbuttons his shirt and drives her hand into his pants. He is very hard, and the tip of his cock is salivating. She massages it and it gets harder. She could even feel the veins on it; he is ready.  So she pushes him to the bed. He sits and pulls off his pants.

She goes fully naked and bends to suck him. He moans like a baby as he keeps massaging her back. After a while, she stands up and backs him, slowly lowering herself on his laps. With her wet hands, she guides his cock into the sweetest hole in her body. The screaming and pleasure are mutual. But Natasha is doing more of the work. The joy of having a new car, a Bentley, is consuming. She is springing up and down with her butts as his cock goes in and out, driving the army man crazy. He is pressing her breasts at all points. She goes faster and he holds her tighter, stretching his legs until she stops her movements.  She turns around, faces him and plunges his cock back into it. He now lies down while she remains on top of him, grinding, twisting and killing him with pleasure until he ejaculates, and exhales.

She drives her new car straight to Cynthia’s house but doesn’t find her. She moves to Vera to look for Cynthia. Vera is on her way out, so they talk in her new car as she parks by the roadside.

“So, tell me the truth, where is Cynthia?” she asks Vera looking straight into her eyes.

“She has moved in with Andy,” says Vera without blinking an eye.

“With Ken’s pregnancy? That girl is a devil.”

“No, actually,” says Vera. “That baby belongs to Andy. I was there when it was conceived.”

“You mean, they had sex in your presence? Gosh! What is this world turning into?”

“See who is talking, Saint Natasha? Anyway, congratulations on your new car.”

“Thanks. Let’s go party.”

“No, thanks. I’ve got four sex-rounds to deliver to a Senator…”

“Wow, Abuja big babe….I like your progress,” says Natasha. They drive off, going through Asokoro towards AYA. Vera asks to be dropped, but Natasha speeds on.

“What are you doing,” says a frightened Vera.

“Take me to Andy’s house now,” orders Natasha.


“I will pay you.”

“OK, turn left….how much?”

Natasha turns and they drive straight to Andy’s house. Vera points to it and demands for her money.

“Until I’m done. Meet me tomorrow at NANET Suites, 5 PM.”

Vera hisses and alights from the car reluctantly.

Natasha gets to the door to meet Ken also knocking and begging to be let in.

what the hell is happing here?

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Emdee David is a Creative writer, Poet, Producer and Director of radio/TV/Digital Media contents. As a creative, innovative and talented writer, his works include “Shadows of the Sun” (Heinemann Publishers – in view), and several poems. His passion and interests are in Entertainment, Politics, Digital Media and Youth mentorship. He is the President of Africa Entertainment Network (AEN) and currently a postgraduate student of Media and Communications at CIAPS.



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