Sexcapade Of Natasha – 31


Sexcapade Of Natasha (31)
By Emdee David

Andy knocks twice at Vera’s door. There is no response. So he decides to leave, but before he drives off, the door opens and Vera begs him to come in. she offers him wine but he refuses.

“Where is Cynthia?” he asks, furious.

“I have not seen her. Did you check her house?”

“Yes, severally. Vera, what’s going on? Why does she want to tow the way of Natasha?”

“Calm down,” Vera says, standing in front of him with breasts covered in a transparent top.  And the cleavage is bare. Andy only steals a look at her cleavages and looks away. He is genuinely angry.

“At least, if she is no longer interested in our wedding, no problem…I just want my engagement ring back, it cost me a fortune.”

“And the baby?” Vera chips in.

“What?” Andy exclaims. “Tell me something, is she pregnant?”

Vera nods. “Remember I was there when that quickie happened in her kitchen.”

“Oh, Jesus…but please, where can I see her?”

“I guess she is worried about how to tell you,” Vera turns away and Andy turns her back to face him, this time, feeding his eyes with the full sight of her boobs.

“Kiss me, and I will show you,” Vera demands.

Cynthia is kissing Ken in the kitchen, her back against the Refrigerator. Her tummy is now becoming visible. Ken kisses her neck, chests, and navel. Then he spends time rubbing her tummy.

“So I am going to be a father?” Ken says excitedly. “God, I thank you. How many weeks now?”

“Nine weeks,” Cynthia says.

“Wow, thank God the condom tear o.”

“Stop it, I didn’t prepare for this. My people are mad at me.”

“Mad? Well, it’s normal. By the time you have the baby; they will still come and eat rice, won’t they?”

“Stop it, my people are not hungry.”

“They are angry, right?”

“Angry, yes, not hungry”

“Anger and hunger are similar. And one can cause the other, and the other can quench one.”

“They are not angry because they are hungry.”

“Ok, it’s not only hungry people that eat naming food,” says Ken. “It’s a matter of quenching anger”.

She giggles.

“I pray it’s a boy,” Ken says.

“No, I want a girl,” says Cynthia.

“Whichever, just take care of my baby for me.”

Then you stop going too deep. Your dick may be hitting her head.

“It won’t hurt him”.

“Her head…” Cynthia corrects.

“Ok, her…head,” Ken says and kisses her tummy. He licks her down to her private part and begins to finger her clitoris. She massages his shoulder.  He carries her up to sit on the kitchen cabinet and unzips his trousers. A knock on the door makes him halt, and hiss.

“Who could that be?” Cynthia asks.

“I expect no one. Does Vera know here?” Ken asks.

“Hmmm, well, I told her, she has to know.  She is my best friend at the moment. But I am not expecting her,” replies Cynthia. The knock comes again, and Cynthia signals to him to get the door. Andy gets to the door, asks who is there.

“It’s me, Vera,” says the voice from the outside.

Andy smiles and opens the door wide. But his eyes get wider when he sees the person at the door.

Natasha Peters is back and right in front of him. SHOCK!!


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