Sexcapade Of Natasha – 29


By Emdee David

Vera has never experienced the pleasure of sex from the back. But today she is ready for it. Her man for the maiden experience is a young businessman who supplies building materials to the construction site in Kado Estate. On a social media chat, they had talked about it and the man has promised to show her how. And today is the D-day. She visits him in the site and they plan to go to his second rented flat he usually uses to carry out his extramarital activities; though he’d lied to her that he is not married. But does Vera really care about his marital status? After all, the manhood of the married is not marked.

Work today is a bit stressful for the man simply called Osas. He has kept Vera waiting for over two hours inside an uncompleted building while he is supervising the important aspect of the work. He keeps apologizing at intervals of his work, and the flow of SNAPP drink supply to Vera is unbroken. The more she drinks, the more ready she is, filled with all sort of imaginations. She feels her boyfriend has not been too talented in the bed-act. Apart from his tiny dick that flies straight into her without the pleasurable friction, he always wants to be on top, ejaculates too soon and then slumps on the bed. Most times her clitoris does not even partake in the show.

She wants to explore, and she needs a man that would take her to Cloud-7. Her phone beeps and she checks the SMS. It is from Cynthia, saying she needs to see her urgently. Vera, a nurse in a Government Hospital in Lugbe, quickly replies that she would call as soon as she is free. No matter what the case may be, Cynthia must wait. Cynthia sends another message asking where she is but Vera ignores to respond. The man is ready. He beckons on her to join him at the car park. In a few minutes, they are at the apartment, a scarcely furnished two-bedroom flat.

Cynthia is taking a cab when Andy parks in front of the taxi.
“Where to?” he asks, smiling.

“To school, my daddy. Any pocket money?”

“Ok, I am sorry, it’s not what you are thinking,” Andy apologizes, still smiling. “I just closed from work and I thought I could pick you for dinner.”
“I am not hungry, thanks,” Cynthia says and enters the car. The taxi reverses and goes off. Andy shakes his head.

Ken picks his phone and dials Cynthia. There is no response. She had promised to be with him today, to spend the night with him. He misses her and wants her tonight. Her breasts have really given him comfort. He seems to be so much into Cynthia who seems to be restoring all the sex-years he has lost being “holy” and trying to please churchmen. He has moved out of the hotel and from his house. He even no longer attends his church, his bible locked up in a drawer he hardly opens. He now has a new apartment not known to many. Cynthia has visited him there twice in the past two weeks and now he has come to some decisions which he wants to tell her. He dials her number again, still no response, so he picks his car key and goes out. He won’t take chances. He must find her before it gets dark.

Vera is washing her face in the bathroom when her man for the day pounces on her. He wears light cotton boxers which could barely hold his extra-large dick in that compartment. Vera just stands still, while his hands pull off her zip and let the gown fall. She only lifts her feet to let it go completely.
“Osas,” she cries. “Wait. Please, wait. Let’s go to bed.”

“No need,” Osas says and massages her shoulders and then her breasts. Vera spreads her legs to gain balance. With that, Osas gains space between her thighs. She sends her right hands to grab his manhood and rubs it in her palms. Osas caresses her back, shoulder and then her buttocks, and allows her to enjoy it.

“Now,” Vera moans and allows him to penetrate her. She screams in pleasure. She has never felt it this tight, owning to the tininess of things that have gone into her. Or is it her own cistern that is too wide?

 He begins to thrust and jerks like a horse. Vera is crying and screaming, too loud for comfort. He covers her mouth with his palm, feeling the hot air and spittle from her mouth.

“Harder,” Vera mutters, and he goes harder on her, till he ejaculates, but she doesn’t climax. She wants more. She pulls him by the hand to the bed. She makes him lay on the bed with his back, and then she begins to suck him, smiling.

“This is to ‘Love and to Hold’,” Vera says as she holds his manhood and watches it rise like dough. They make love again, passionately on the bed until 9 O’clock, when she now remembers Cynthia. She calls her back and asks her to meet her at home. Cynthia says she is already in front of her house. Osas goes to drop her.

Ken had gone to Cynthia’s house without finding her, so he comes to Vera’s house to look for her. Andy had followed Cynthia to Vera’s house without her knowing it. When Vera approaches her house, she sees Andy driving off while Ken is parking beside her house. She calls Cynthia and tells her both men are around the house. She tells Cynthia to enter her compound and take the smaller back gate to the next street. There, Vera picks Cynthia and they head to a bar in Garki.

“I think I am pregnant,” Cynthia says to Vera after Osas had dropped them at the bar.

“Whose?” Vera asks.

“I am not sure?”


“Don’t shout,”

“That quickie you had with Andy that day…no condom?”

“It was a quickie,  remember?”

“So it’s his. Thank God your wedding day is not far away again.”

“What if it’s Ken’s?”


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Emdee David is a Creative writer, Poet, Producer and Director of radio/TV/Digital Media contents. As a creative, innovative and talented writer, his works include “Shadows of the Sun” (Heinemann Publishers – in view), and several poems. His passion and interests are in Entertainment, Politics, Digital Media and Youth mentorship. He is the President of Africa Entertainment Network (AEN) and currently a postgraduate student of Media and Communications at CIAPS.



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