Baba Ijesha, a Yoruba actor was arrested some weeks back on rape accusation of a 14-year old. Many have doubted the famous actor could do it as his colleagues are divided, some for and others against.

More revelations are being revealed as Princess Comedian explains in a video how it happened, when it happened and the details. The victim and her other siblings are staying with her.

This happened 7 years ago when the girl was 7.

Now 14-year old the girl was discovered to be suffering some psychological difficulties which was affecting her education, the girl finally confessed that the actor had sexually molested her. To confirm further, Princess and others set up CCTV in her house and asked Baba Ijesha to come see her. She deliberately left the house, leaving the girl alone at home. True to expectations, Baby Ijesha knowing that he was all alone with the victim, tried again to have sex with her.

Baba Ijesha is a family friend to Princess who had also helped him in many ways including to continue his education.

Many actors came out in defence of Baba Ijesha, some asking for caution, including famous actor Yomi Fabiyi. Female acitivists and some OAPs have been lambasting him and other actors who are asking for the video evidence. Princess insisted she would not release the video where Baba Ijesha was trying to rape the girl again recently, but this video was made after he was arrested and being interrogated.

Say No To Rape!

Written by Emdee David


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