As investigation continues on the possible cause of death of the former Marlian Records artiste, Mohbad, the Record Lable owner, Naira Marley has been named as a suspect in his murder or at least in the alleged bullying along with Sam Larry, a friend of Marley who is also a music promoter. Consequently, many celebrities, in solidarity with the call for Justice For Mohbad have dissociated themselves from the Marlians by unfollowing him on their social media handles.

Emdee David Blog just noticed that the Veteran Nollywood actor who was once called The Marlian GrandPa has also unfollowed Naira Marley On Instagram and other social media platforms. Though this was expected, one wonders if it was done for the same reason as others. Emdee David quickly reached out to the actor, Jude Chukwuka who confirmed that he actually Unfollowed Naira Marley on Social Media., added that, though he is also in support of #JusticeForMohbad, it wasn’t necessary because other celebrities had done so, as he is not the type that follows the bandwagon.

Insight into his concerns shows that the actor was more concerned with the bullying part which he distastes with passion, being himself a victim of bullying when he was in secondary school. He would not want to associate with anyone who bullies another person, and he thought that Naira, whether he was directly involved or not, should have done more to save his artiste from such victimization.

A movie director Emdee David had earlier spoken to also narrated an incident that happened on a movie set somewhere in Ikodoru, Lagos State. He said Jude Chukwuka who was on his set was almost mobbed when Boys from the neighbourhood saw him and identified him as the Marlian Grandpa. The director, Tunde Adeoye Said he had to hire security officers to protect his artist while on that production. Mohbad and Naira Marley were both boys from Ikorodu area. Mohbad died and was buried in Ikorodu.

Jude Chukwuka had earned the title of Marlian Granpa when he sang Naira Marley’s hit song in 2020, mining the lyrics accurately to the thrill of Nigerians. Naira Marley was a musical sensation then and Jude who appreciates the works of art did so as a way of encouraging the artist, an act he has also done for some other artistes including Dbanj, Nice, Vector, 2Face, etc. It was out of respect for the elderly that Naira Marley appreciated him and Marlians (fans and supporters of Naira Marley’s music) gave him the name, Marlian Grandpa.

Jude Chukwuka Singing Naira Marley’s song – Mafo

But at this point, Jude must have realized that brand positioning is important and it is a good thing that he doesn’t send the wrong signal to his fans and supporters. The actor has been known for his support of good character and integrity among Nigerian youths. His music and Yoruba chants speak more about this he uses deep Yoruba adages to teach life lessons.

Written by Emdee David


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