Davido Unfollows Chioma, Others


The rift between Nigerian celebrity musician, Davido and his wife, Chef Chioma seems to have come to the public space as reports have it that Davido has unfollowed all the people he was following on social media, including his wife, Chioma. This came days after the news came out that the once romantic couple may not be living together at that moment. in fact, some close friends said they have broken up their relationship.

The “following” action is said to be connected to the rift and an offshoot of the crisis between them after it was rumoured that Davido has a new Baby Mama. IG and Twitter followers had criticised Chioma after the news that she had joined in lambasting Davido’s other baby mamas.

Insiders, who chose to be anonymous say that this was when the quarrel actually started. One said that Chioma was shaming, “his other baby mamas not knowing that the cane that f l o g g e d the first and second one was waiting by the corner to flog her…She didn’t behave like a babe from Eastern Nigeria at all, Because babes from that part are smart and will make sure you wife them totally to avoid stories that touch but Chioma got carried away by love and the expensive gifts, albeit that some looked like audio gifts”.

Davido has not explained his action personally, but things don’t seem to be all well with the couple. It is not clear if Davido and the Chef are still together as a couple.

But on the issue of domestic violence, Chioma has come out to say this: “Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home. David has never in his life lifted a finger to touch me and I have never so much as even pushed him”


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