For most musicians, inspiration is a key part of their songs. And for Zimbabwean solo acoustic player and singer, Clare Nyakujara, she is always inspired by the stories and experiences that shape our lives. But beyond inspiration, she also noted that “crafting a song that truly resonates with your audience takes dedication, hard work, and a willingness to pour your heart into your art.”

Clare, as she is simply called, is a songwriter and singer who plays the African Harp (Kora). She is a musician whose soulful and inspiring music has captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

She said she is happiest when doing my music. And this music career of hers started by accident.

Below is how she explains what happened:

“It was the year 2002, and I was just 17. My love for music had blossomed through my participation in the church choir. I would attend choir practice every week at the city corner of Julius Nyerere and Second Street.

One fateful day, as I was engrossed in my singing, I glanced out the window and noticed a music studio called Megga. This studio was renowned for hosting rehearsals for some of the biggest celebrities in the music industry. Curiosity sparked within me, and I couldn’t resist wanting to know what went on next door.

Driven by my curiosity, I mustered up the courage to step into Megga Studios. To my astonishment, I was greeted by none other than the late Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi and other renowned musicians like Mateo and Willom Tight. They were in the midst of rehearsing for their upcoming shows, and their talent filled the air.

Unable to contain my excitement, I approached them and asked if I could join in on their rehearsals. To my surprise, they welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to showcase my own singing abilities. With all my heart, I poured my soul into my performance.

To my delight, they seemed impressed by my performance or maybe they were just being kind, haha. From that moment on, I became a regular fixture at Megga Studios. My presence was recognized by many, and invitations to perform at various events started pouring in. It was as if destiny had intervened and guided me toward a music career I hadn’t even anticipated.

Looking back, it’s incredible to think that a simple glance out of a window led me to a life-changing opportunity. That accidental encounter at Megga Studios ignited a fire within me and set me on a path that would shape my music career for years. Nyakujees baybay!!


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