Breaking News: Chadwick Boseman of Black Panther has died at 43


2020 has taken away many loved ones, politicians, stars and celebrities. Today, Chadwick Boseman, star of “Black Panther,” is its victim. Chadwick died on Friday 28, after a four year battle with cancer of the colon at the young age of 43.

A statement posted to his Twitter page reads:

“It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Boseman, It was the honour of his life to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther.”

Chadwick came to limelight when he played Black American icons, Jackie Robinson, in “42” in 2013 and his role as James Brown in “Get on Up” in 2014. He also played Thurgood Marshall in Marshall. Boseman who played T’Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther, won the heart of fans for his first role as the character in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.”

Boseman was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, to Carolyn and Leroy Boseman, both African American. But his DNA test has revealed that his “ancestors were Krio people from Sierra Leone, Yoruba people from Nigeria and Limba people from Sierra Leone.”

His fans and Marvel Studios had expressed worries months ago when Chadwick was losing so much weight and wondered if he would regain it before the next shoot of the sequel to the Black Panther movie. The Colon Cancer had been eating him up until he finally gave up yesterday.

He is survived by a wife and his family.

May his soul rest in Peace!



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