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Finally, one of Nollywood's bachelors has found someone. In an Interview with our correspondent, Kalu Ikeagwu explains why his wedding is not so publicized and how he proposed to her. Read more in thi

AEN: A little bird told us you are wedding this June 25 in Enugu but no one knows the venue, why is that?

You know I am a very private person and I don't want a lot of crowd.

AEN: Many would love to know why it's a kind of a secret or why there is not so much noise about it?

KALU: It's not a secret, some blogs have written about it. I don't like noise and for me the most important thing is the marriage itself. The wedding is just to say to everybody that before God and man that I am married to this person. The main thing is the marriage and it matters a lot where I am from.


AEN: Are you saying this because a lot of celebrity marriages keep Breaking up these days?

KALU: Whether they keep breaking up is non of my business. The truth is that the celebrities represent the micro part of the larger society. And in the larger society, divorce rate are really on the increase. I can attest to that because some of my friends are in that situation as well. But that is not my business, my business is my own marriage. People have asked me many times in the past why I was not married and the reason is that marriage is very important to me. If I wanted a fantastic wedding that everyone would come to, I would have done that years ago but because marriage is very important to me, I was taking my time. The wedding, what I would have loved was I and her wedding and going off to somewhere private but because it's very important for the family to get to know one another and also for people to know my woman out there and if anyone dares touch her, I break the persons bones. Basically that's what it is.

AEN: So how you feel? Do you feel excited or just there? 

KALU: I am excited about my marriage;  just there about my wedding.

AEN: Why?

Not because of the money. I told God to take care of how the money for the expenses comes. Especially at this time when everything is on the increase. My friends call and ask how we are going to cope with a basket of tomato at that high price. I know God will take care of how those will come. The good thing about the wedding preparation is that I am seeing the beauty of the person I am getting married to through this. I mean she is not getting stressed and she is working very hard. She is a very reliable person. She is doing most of the work for our wedding

AEN: Why because you are busy shooting or the regular men's excuse of not liking the wedding preparation adrenaline ...

KALU: I mean that's my best excuse ever. I am shooting. The rest you asked, I am not going to answer.



AEN: Do you know the colours of the day for your big day?

KALU: I know one. Blue and I think there will be red somewhere. God I am going to be killed. Please forgive me but I am not sure. Am hardly interested in those things.


AEN: How does it feel giving up your bachelor life?

KALU: That is one of the reason why I am not married for quite a while. I have been on my own since I was nine years old. I was in boarding school so I learned to be on my own from that time upwards. I am sort of introverted. My whole world exists in my head. So my bachelor hood was the toughest thing for me to give up.

AEN: So you were scared of inviting someone into your life?

KALU: Something like that, like inviting someone to take over my life and space.

AEN: And women are know to take over space especially the wardrobe...

KALU: Exactly. Though I love the wardrobe encroachment because she helps me move a lot of things that have been there for ages that are not needed. She has warned me that the room will be at best, my sleeping quarters. I have resigned myself to my faith. I see lesser evil in everything. We are always like children together. We are always playing. But we talk about serious things when necessary. We fight too but we make sure that the things we do when we are not mad with each other that we still do them. For example heating water for her to take her bath when she comes back tired. Giving her a massage.

AEN: Are you that Romantic?

KALU: I wouldn't call it being romantic. I call it what the other person would like. I don't see myself as a romantic person.

AEN: Others will call it being romantic... 

KALU: When you say romantic, I get scared. Like 'Oh my God I have to get down on my knees, buy flowers everyday and all that. It's scary am not that person.


AEN: So, how did you propose?

KALU: I told you I am not a Romantic person. I proposed indirectly and under pressure.

AEN: We would love to know the details...

KALU: I proposed indirectly like I said earlier and I put her on the spot. Immediately it occurred to me that I cannot let her go, that she is a keeper and someone I cannot afford to loose. At my uncles funeral, when we were about to start the funeral. I was speaking with one of my uncles when she came to me to collect my car key and I held her by the waist and told my uncle that she is the one I want to marry. He looked at me and said, "are you sure? I said I was very sure. He turned to her and asked her if I was her choice and she shyly said Yes.

AEN: Some may see that as a boring way to propose ... then did you just wake up the next day and just called her up to take her ring?

KALU: I can only clear my throat to this question.

AEN: We know you are not a shy person because you are always in front of a camera, so we would love to know why you proposed like that...

KALU: Who said so. I am very shy when it comes to these kind of things. That was very manipulative of me because I chose to kill two birds with a stone. I wanted to tell my uncle how serious I was and I also wanted her to say how serious she is about me in front of my uncle. To me that was more important than any romantic proposal. I am not romantic. I am boring if that's how you and many others see me. No apologies whatsoever. I may learn in the marriage. She is not that Romantic herself.

AEN: Are sure? Don't you think she may be shy as well..

KALU: Yes she is a little shy and yes she loves being pampered.

AEN: How big is the rock on the ring you gave her?

KALU: It's a nice ring she loves so much, thank you.


AEN: Tell us about the fashion side of the wedding, what are you wearing? A tuxedo or just normal suit?
I am wearing a three piece suit and I have been exercising like mad for it to be able to fit.

AEN: Which designer?

KALU: I would rather celebrate our indigienious designers. But Vans kere is making my traditional outfit.

What do you like wearing?
I love wearing t-shirts, Polo shirts and jeans. Then sneakers when I am not shooting.


AEN: Since you are getting married, are there some roles you will give up acting?

KALU: I have a step daughter and I keep asking my wife-to-be which of my movies has she seen. If it's the one I was a bad guy or the ones where I am a good guy. So I thought about this question you just asked and I realized that I am like a role model to my family. My family would have to inform the roles I take on from now wards. I might not be going naked in any movies anytime soon. I don't think I will give up being a bad guy in movies so far as it teaches something. But if it will be vulgar, I would hands off

AEN: You said you have a step daughter?

KALU: Yes, Ijeoma has a daughter so I do have a step daughter.


AEN: Would you love to have a baby immediately after marriage?

KALU: No, I will love to enjoy my wife before the babies start coming.

 AEN:How many babies do you want? Would you like to have a full house?

KALU: What? A full house? I only want to change pampers only once or two times. I love my quiet but I can mature and manage with two. Two children are enough.
Another fear I have about having my own children is that they might take my personality.

AEN: What is wrong with your personality?

KALU: Oh you wouldn't like how I was when I was growing up. I did things that I am afraid of seeing my own children do.


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