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She was once "FAT" but now a Size 14. How did she get there? First, she says "You must literally hate it and declare war on it no matter what it takes."

Her journey to losing weight is a success story. After this story got out, as a celebrity, she began to receive many calls and messages from people who wanted to know more or be encouraged. Lepacious Bose is truly an award-winner inspiration to many, apart from her love for comedy. Below is a general response she sent out some months back: 


"I feel so blessed that my weight loss journey has inspired you, am happy because I am passionate about helping as many people as I can. Having said that I would like you to understand that am a very busy person and its not easy to attend to each and everyone personally, that is why I try to post tips on instagram and twitter as much as possible. Please do follow @lepaciousbose both on instagram and twitter for constant tips. I say this because weightloss is not something that can be discusssed in one email.


Your decision to loose weight is the most important decision you will ever make and you must see it as that.

1. GET ANGRY AT THE FAT: you have to be angry at being fat, you must see that it is robbing you of life, joy, fulfillment, sexiness. You must literally hate it and declare war on it no matter what it takes. Most people only email me or contact me when they see pictures that inspire them but they lack the determination and will power to fight, so they give up. You must be self motivated and stay focussed to your dream.

2. WEIGHT LOSS PILLS: there are no miracle pills, believe me I have tried it all. Most people like to use diet pills, drink slim tea and still eat a bowl of eba, drink cocacola and take ice cream. It does not work like that, you are destroying your body and you will only end up adding up the weight you had hoped to loose. The only way a diet pill/tea can work is by a regulated menu. You need to decide to eat healthy, eat moderately and do minimal excercises. At this point I must talk about the amazing EZSLIM, a weightloss drug that will soon be introduced into the nigeran market, it helped me tremendously. I cant wait for it and I promise as soon as it gets in you will be one of the first people I will contact.


HEALTHY EATING HABITS: you must know already that a lot of things are wrong for you if you have the tendency to be fat, ice cream, soft drinks etc, so I will not bother with that, lets talk about the ones you may not know. Rice is the killer, you must see rice as poison, it is extremely fattening, when I started my weight loss journey, I did not eat rice for over 8 months, then I ate once a month, now I eat it once in 2 weeks. Noodles of any kind is bad for you, infact it is worse than rice. Avoid yam and bread, instead eat potatoes and sweet potatoes. Avoid any food produce that is white in color, that is, rice, yam, bread, spagetti, eba, pounded yam, semovita etc you can see they are all white in colour abi? Drink water first thing in the morning and last thing at night, drink at least 5 liters of water a day. Do not eat after 7pm, sleep early if you have to. Eat lots of fruits and cook your meals yourself dont buy fast food, their foods are fattening. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF.

EXERCISE: Take a walk in the morning or evening, walk at least 30 minutes a day, try and dance, just do something active once a day. Dont do too much because then you will easily get frustrated, take it easy.

SET REALISTIC GOALS: When my doctor told me to set a time limit of 3 years for myself I thought he was mad because I wanted a quick fix miracle, but he told me then, there are no short cuts to weight loss, you have to do the journey, well its been 2 years now and I have lost almost 80kg and I have a year to go, yes my doctor was right after all. So dont rush it, enjoy the journey, take things easy and you will get results. Also note that, your scale might not show any difference at first, dont let it discourage you, keep climbing the scale, keep dieting and eventually you will see results, starting with your clothes.

WAIST TRAINERS: waist trainers are very good, they help curb your appetite, regulate the quantity of food you eat and define your body so get one. Yes they are uncomfortable but what have you got to loose?

I hope my mail has been enlightening am been of help to you, feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.




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