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Azuka Jobose, a renown journalist and Columnist with The Punch Newspaper had written about the travails of Reggae icon, Majek Fashek, his addiction and how some friends made effort to take him out of

In response to Azuka Jebose's article on Majek Fashek's alcolism and drug addiction, which affected his life and career, Monica Omorodion Swaida feels that Azuka is full of hatred.


Azuka had stated that the method and manner by which his handlers were going about rescueing Majek will yield no positive result as Majek himself is not willing to be saved from his "demons."


Monica Swaida, a US based musician and actress who was one of the friends and family that rose to the challenge of saving Majek, responded to Azuka Jebose's article. This is what she said to me when I spoke with her:

"Right now, Majek is in London working on his life and music. Majek has his demons, but Majek is doing just fine. Azuka reached out to me when I started helping Majek and laughed in my face. He told me Majek will fail. I told him he is not God. Last month or so, he reached out to me via whatsapp because I deleted him from Facebook, gloating and I quote " See??? Majek has failed. I told you he will fail. You all were fighting me"


Na wah o!!! All Azuka is looking and praying for is for Majek to die so he can bury him. Sad part of it all is that Majek has nothing but love for Azuka.


READ AZUKA JEBOSE's article on Majek


Azuka and most of us go way back. I would help Azuka if he was in the same position. But Azuka has thought me that all that glitters is not gold. I will pray for him. He is a man with so much hate. How can anyone wish bad for their fellow man? Azuka is waiting for Majek to die. Don't be surprised. Be careful what you wish for people. I am not God. I repeat over and over again and can not save Majek. Only God will. Majek that is out drinking in the streets and falling apart is in London working on his music. Tell Azuka that he doesn't own Majek's destiny.  Thank God for him and others that helped Majek in the past. Tell him that addiction is a disease and it takes  a life time to cure. Majek is doing just fine".


However, Azuka insists he is right about all he had said about Fashek. 


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