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Majek stopped being musician years ago. He traded music for addiction. I wait for his obituary, some day. Those around him today have abused and used him

The story of the rehabilitation of Nigerian reggae Star turned Addict started after a blogger, Edgar, found him begging on the street sometime last year. The news went viral. Some sympathizers and friends came in to the rescue and vowed to get Majek back on his feet and to a better life.




As laudable as that effort was, old friends new it wasn't going to be an easy task. It was actually not the first attempt at "saving" the rain maker, as Majek is popularly known. One of those old friends is Mr. Azuka Jebose, who had for many years also managed the Reggae star.


As Majek is now seen to have gone back to the streets, it seems the best time for the truth of Majek story to come out from those that really know it. Here is part of the story told by Azuka Jebose as published in USED HERE WITH HIS EXPRESS PERMISSION.


Late April, Majek was billed to perform, alongside few Nigerian musicians, inside the Eko Meridian hotel, in lagos. According to witnesses, he staggered onto the stage, oozing alcohol, dirty and haggard:”he looked homeless”. He barely made it through his songs. Concert goers that night wondered what happened to this great musician whose story of rehabilitation dominated entertainment media the past several months.


Early May, one of Nigeria’s popular musicians called to complain about Majek’s erratic behavior and alleged sexual harassment of his girlfriend:” Jebose, you see wetin your friend dey do?. I left for US few days ago and Majek called my woman, dey tell her say I don come America to meet my girlfriend, she should forget about me, come and sleep with her. Your friend is still mad”. He said angrily during telephone conversation.


Recently, the mega sponsor of Majek’s publicized drugs and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Abuja, Warri based petro merchant, “Billionaire” Ayiri Emani withdrew his gesture after months of dolling out dough to treat the reggae superstar:”Majek Fashek is no longer under my care. When he left the rehabilitation home in Abuja, the doctors said that he needed to relax. They said he should stay off the music scene for some time. I wanted him to stay in Warri and relax. I provided everything that he needed to be comfortable. But he insisted on going back to music almost immediately. He kept insisting and, after a while, I had to let him go. That was it.”
Majek explained incoherently, why he severed relationship with his sponsor: “ I am an American musician. We do things in certain ways…” He is back on the road to destruction....


... Majek stopped being musician years ago. He traded music for addiction. I wait for his obituary, some day. Those around him today have abused and used him. 


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