The Sexcapade Of Natasha - 17

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She winks at the stranger, sips from her glass and then bends to fiddle with her toe. Her buttocks almost touch Dickson’s nose. He shies away.

By Emdee David

The night is cold and emotionally gloomy for Natasha. Full of thoughts and retrospect, she lay naked under a duvet in her bed, wet with tears. An undrunk glass of brandy is quiet with the tip stained in pink lipsticks. Her phone rings severally but she doesn’t pick. Truth is, she doesn’t even know the reason behind her sudden sober mood. Most, if not all, women go through mood swing but Natasha thought she had overcome that with booze and heavy sex. But nay, here she is, swinging between low mood and what seems like depression. Or is she missing somebody? Definitely, not Razah. And not the late GM. She checks her phone for missed calls. There are nineteen of them, two from Dickson, one from her sister, and the rest from her estranged friend, Cynthia. Probably, the thought of her iniquitous life has plunged her into ennui.


Her phone rings and this time, she picks. Then it cuts. Flashing! I hate flashing. The hiss that escapes from her lips is loud. Several knocks at the door jolt her up and she sneaks out of the duvet with nothing but a bum short that barely covers any of her butts. Her protruding backside reflects on the standing mirror beside her as she stands for a moment to admire her shape. The knock comes again and she quickly remembers why she’d stood up in the first place. Suddenly, some life flies into her and before she opens the door, she gulps the dormant brandy in the glass stained with pink lipsticks.


Standing before her at the door is a sexily dressed Cynthia, her top very revealing, even her nipples are barely covered. Her boobs are more conspicuous than her entire body. She is full of smiles and her dimples well displayed.  Behind her stands, Dickson with a blank look of a child served food without the usual piece of meat that goes with it.
“Hi,” greets Dickson.
“We are more than two,” says Cynthia, as Natasha stretches like a giraffe after noticing some movement at the corners. “Can we come in please?”
“Hi,” another voice says, barely audible. They all move in.


“You two are not done with each other, huh?” Natasha says as she fills her cup again with brandy, and then points to the fridge where there is a tray of glasses. Cynthia understands the gesture.

“Put on something, Natasha.” Dickson says after minutes of avoiding to look at her almost naked body. Cynthia gets two glasses and is filling them.

“Something like…,” Natasha sets her back to Dickson and faces the third visitor that came in with them. His eyes seem to be shuttling between Natasha’s breasts and somewhere below her abdomen. She winks at the stranger, sips from her glass and then bends to fiddle with her toe. Her buttocks almost touch Dickson’s nose. He shies away.

“That’s not why I…we are here,” Dickson says. Natasha ignores him and moves closer to the other guy, a lanky dark-skinned man with well-trimmed beards and mustache like Banky W.

“I know why you are here,” says Natasha as she stares seductively into his eyes and offers him her glass of brandy. He shakes his head but smiles lovingly. “I like him, hope he is good in bed.”


“That’s my man, Natasha.” It was Cynthia’s voice. She rushes and pushes Natasha out of the way. Then she offers him one of the glasses of brandy and sits on his lap. Natasha laughs.
“Natasha, please, wear something and sit down,” says Dickson.
“Shut up, you scumbag,”  Natasha shouts at Dickson. “Is there anything you are seeing now you have not seen before? Or….” She unzips the bum short and shows him her private part. “…or this? Does this look unfamiliar to you?” Dickson looks away.


“I need you to meet someone,” says Dickson frankly.

Natasha bends and says in a whisper, “him?” gesturing at the man on whose lap Cynthia sits.
“No!” shouts Cynthia and starts to kiss her ma. “Not my baby, never.” Cynthia starts to kiss the man. Natasha frowns and notices Dickson’s irritating look. Natasha moves very close to Dickson and whispers in his ears. “You sure like to eat and pass around, right? First, it was Cynthia, and now me?”

“Not that, Ms. Natasha. They need supplies of Computer appliances.”
“Wow, so you are here for business.”
“So why did you have to come with this slut whose cistern is never dry?”
“I beg your pardon,” retorts Cynthia. “Don’t ever call me that again.” She stands up.
“And if I do?” asks Natasha. Dickson is up too. “If you are not a slut, why will you come to my house with your boyfriend and start caressing right in my presence, what is come over you, Cynthia?”
“Respect?” Cynthia laugh

s. “Right in this room, on that bed, you and…”
Dickson quickly interrupts her, “ Stop it, ladies.”
“Or, you don’t want your name mentioned, huh, didn’t I tell you I didn’t want to come here? I was horny…., so was my man, and just before we got down, you insisted I come with you….my cistern does not get dry easily, and now I want to get laid if you will excuse me.” She takes her bag and heads towards the door.


Natasha blocks her way. “Go and get laid,” she says. “I like to watch people get laid. Go on, Mrs. Libido.”
“Don’t dare me,” Cynthia says. “Baby, let’s go.” Her man gets up to go. Natasha blocks his way and struggles to kiss him. The guy stands still with no resistance. Dickson gets up in surprise.


“What’s happening here?“
Cynthia throws her bag at Natasha and rushes to grab her man. Natasha let’s go and jumps to Dickson.
“Please, do me…please, please.” She is shaking. As she turns, Cynthia is kissing her man and making way for her breasts for the desperate young lanky guy.
Natasha is provoked. Dickson is aroused. All clothes are thrown at every corner and the two cisterns are stirred vigorously until there is a wild orgasmic scream that cures the animosity among the warring factions. Natasha only wishes the apologies that follow are truly genuine so she could request for the lanky dude for a night, just night.


-----------------TO BE CONT'D------------

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