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It is no longer arguable that Stella Nnenna Idika is one of Nigeria’s fast RISING STAR in the movie industry.


Written by Emdee Makezela David


It is no longer arguable that Stella Nnenna Idika is one of Nigeria’s fast RISING STAR in the movie industry. Though she is not actually new in the industry, her comeback a few years ago has suddenly put her in the limelight after some years of acting interregnum.


Stella Idika, who started her acting career in 2004 if all things had been equally would ridden in the say celebrity wing as Mercy Johnson, Uche Ogbodo, Dakore, Ramsey Noah, and many other A-List actors who were her contemporize.


But the distraction that took her off the peak due to her busyness with other things did not dissuade her from pursuing her God-given talent and gift of Acting.


On the occasion of her Birthday, during an EXCLUSIVE interview with our correspondent, she opens up on her view about life, her career, her big boobs, and future ambition. Below are exerps from the interview:

AEN: First of all, we want to wish you a happy birthday. We know your birthday is today. For the benefit of those who do not know you, can you tell us who Stella Idika really is? And how do you feel today, being your birthday?

STELLA:  My name is Stella Idika, I'm from Ohafia, Abia state. I am a graduate of Public Administration from Lagos State University. Well Stella Idika is a self-motivated and resilient woman who is driven by a desire to be a change agent in the society. I'm an enthusiast, and very passionate about the things I love to do, people and life generally. And I always look out for opportunities to affect society positively, whether directly or indirectly.

Excitement is too light a word to qualify how I feel about my birthday. I owe a million gratitude to God for this far I've come.

AEN: What do you think about being a lady? Would you have preferred to be a Male? Why?
STELLA:  Being a lady is one of the priceless gifts of nature. A lady is an embodiment of virtue, power, perfection and excellence and that is all I am. As a lady, I see myself as a pacesetter in my environment. We are builders.

No, because we are a peculiar specie.


AEN: Tell us about your acting career? How did you start? What motivated you into acting? And what are the challenges you face as a nollywood actor? What to you would the ultimate achievement in your career?

STELLA:  Acting has always been a childhood passion, it's almost like an unquenchable fervor.

I started acting professionally as far back as 2004. I was out with a friend who was already in the industry when I got my first role, a minor role though (Waka pass), from there I started attending auditions. I did few other roles till I landed my first  lead role in the movie titled, 'Soldier boy', staring Emeka Ike, Hanks Anuku, Kasandra Odita, Livinus Nnochiri, Vitalis Ndubuisi and my humble self, as directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi. Thereafter I launched in officially.

The only challenge at the moment is the ever increasing competition and also the issue of cliques.

My ultimate achievement will be winning the award of best actress, landing roles in Hollywood movies, and also setting up a production company of my own and probably a TV station.


AEN: Who do you admire most in this world?

STELLA:  My mother


AEN: Who is your favourite Hollywood actor and why? And who are your three
favourite Nollywood actors?
STELLA:  Kerry Washington -- She's black, bold, and resilient. She's a wonderful actress. I also admire Gabrielle Union.

My favorite Nollywood actors -- Stephanie Okereke Linus, Dakore Egbuson, and Richard Mofe Damijo.


AEN: Who/what is your musical inspiration?
STELLA:  I just love any good and expressional music with inspiring lyrics, so long as it speaks to my soul.


AEN: What are your Favourite accessories and what inform your dress sense?

STELLA:  I love to wear a reflection of my person at any particular time and occasion. I love to be comfortable, bold and beautiful, with a little charm to match my God-given beauty.


AEN: What’s your dream car? Do you have it? If no, when do you hope to buy it?
STELLA:  The latest edition of Toyota Rav4. I love to set priorities and for that reason, I will acquire it when I must have taken care of much more important things and I am buoyant enough to.


AEN: Where in the world would you like to go on holiday?
British Virgin Islands in the Caribbeans.


AEN: Favourite phone? Favourite movie? Favourite perfume?
STELLA:  Samsung
Mission Impossible--Fallout
Sheer Beauty by Calvin Klein.


AEN: Sexual harassment in Nollywood? Have you ever experienced it?
      Homosexuality in Nollywood, what can you say about this, are there really many gays in Nollywood? Have you ever been approached by a lesbian actor, producer or director?

 Sexual harassment occurs in every profession, not just Nollywood. As appalling as it is, it’s almost become a norm in today's society. That is not to say that I've experienced it though

About homosexuality, I can't entirely attest to it's presence in the industry, but still, I wouldn't deny hearing about the possibility.

Not really, or perhaps I can't recall if ever there was such an occurrence.


AEN: What're the most encouraging words ever spoken to you? Who did?
STELLA:  The words of my mother....., Don't lose yourself in the crowd trying to be who you're not, stand out, be real, be good, be you.


AEN: Can you say how many movies you have been featured in your entire carrier? Please, name a few.     Any awards? What movie are you working on at the moment?
STELLA:  I can't be specific with numbers, but they're over or thereabout. Soldier boy, Descendants of Jezebel, Anointed liars, My bride price, Car wash babes, Ikenna, Avoid, Church game, Love court, Cheaters diary, Iyore, wounded
,to mention a few. There are TV programs and commercials as well.

No awards yet

I'm currently working on a movie with the working title, 'Deceit'.


AEN: Have you ever been embarrassed in the public? How did you react?
STELLA:  Oh yes, I was so ashamed, I felt like vanishing.


AEN:  Many viewers and your fans often comment on your Boobs? How do you feel about that? Has there been any time you wished you never had these large boobs?

STELLA:  Talk is free, I'm indifferent about it. It's God-given and I'm grateful for it. I cherish it just
same way as I cherish every other part of my body.


AEN: What are your most challenging moments in life?
STELLA:  When I'm not capable of taking care of due responsibilities and when I can't proffer
solution to a particular problem.


 AEN: What attracts you to the opposite sex? Tell us what your ideal man looks like.
STELLA:  His unique qualities including his intellect and of course good looks.

I don't expect to have an all perfect man, but to a good extent he should be above an average to perfection.


AEN: What do you think about acting business in Nigeria?
STELLA:  It's a very lucrative venture. It's interesting and fun, although patience is a dominant prerequisite for attaining good success.


AEN: How is a Nollywood actor viewed in your immediate family or in your hometown, positive or negative?
STELLA:  Actually it comes in
a mixed feelings, while some applaud it for the positive impact, others view it as portraying negative vibes.

 AEN: What Project are you working on, tell us about it.
STELLA:   I'm currently working on developing my ideas, you'll get to know about these projects when they kick off formally.


AEN: Now, if you are to wish yourself 3 things as your birthday wish, what would they be?
STELLA:  My dream husband and a subsequent happy home.

                  More movie projects and lastly to be better than I already am now.


AEN: Final words to your fans out there?

STELLA:  Don't stop believing in me as I promise to make you proud. Keep spreading positive vibes around you, let's build a better society together.


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