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meet a man who married a real doll he bought for $6,750...about N1.3 million


Dirk is a  young man who is married to a doll that he bought for 6,000 euros (that’s $6,750 and N1.3million). 


Dirk married his doll, named Jenny with whom he vowed to love, to support and to share a lot of his private time with.


They have been living together for over years now. He gave her a heart-shaped pendant chain in place of a ring on the day they took their vows.


Dirk decided to marry his doll after "he suffered a breakdown from feeling lonely.

The 40-year-old man bathed Jenny, his doll-wife on Sundays. Sandra, a photographer, in her documentary on him, said "they wrote a blog together and watched football in front of the TV side by side". 



“I can’t live without love. My loneliness destroyed me.” Dirk says and added,  “Jenny is such a sensitive being. She is so helpless.” 



What do you think of Dirk and Jenny?


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