LOVE SOMEONE - A valentine message by an Egyptian model

  • Post By EmDee David 11:21am on Sunday 14th February 2016

My valentine's message to my fans - Randa Eissa


"If you love someone, or miss someone, or whatever feelings you have for this person, tell them. Valentine's Day is the best day of confessions, put your ego down and let it out. It will make your day, and it will make the other person's day as well. Another fact you should know, you are a beautiful person for the fact you can actually Love someone.


The beautiful Egytian Model is also a singer who is soon releasing a love song titled ZOOBI. In an Interview with Emdee David, she said,  she used to sing this song with her Grand father. And now she is releasing this song in style. According to this Beauty Queen, "Zoobi is one of the songs the grandfather created as the melody of the Chorus and lyrics "Zoobi zoobi zoo zoo zoobi, zoobi i love you. Zoobi is a Zambian name."


Her fans can't wait to listen to her Zoobi. To be among the first to get the song, hook up with us on Twitter: @aen_online or Facebook page

or on Randa's Social Media:

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