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The Sensual Adventure of an Abuja babe: She does not wait for his response before pulling off his boxers to reveal his bent manhood.

By Emdee David

Natasha has been enjoying days of sexual bliss with the Army General for over four months now, a kind of bliss that comes with VIP treatment. She sometimes goes to places with the General’s Driver who obliges himself sometimes with the master’s meat, which Natasha willingly gives since the Master is usually busy with his Fatherland’s duties. Transcorp Hotel is their regular place, both with the master and the driver, just like today. She is at the poolside when a call wakes her up from her reverie of traveling to Geneva with the Master of the boy she had just laid a few minutes ago and is still lying in bed in the hotel room.


She had long forgotten about the police inspector and his oversized manhood… and with his oversized ego also. Now, his memories come alive in her mind as she hears his foggy voice. Since she could barely hear him, she keeps imagining what his long dick was doing inside her. Strangely, she feels like having him again. Would that ever happen?
“Pardon?” she says the umpteenth time.
“You are not listening,” says the voice on the other side of the phone.
“I am.” She lies.
“So are you coming now?”
“To where?”
“Area one Police Station,” the Inspector says again.
“To do what?”


There is a silence that was going to last an eternity. There is a woman’s voice and what seems to be voices of some children crying in the background. Are his wife and children ganging up against her again? Thought Natasha Peters, who is now gazing amorously at an Arab man who is preparing to swim. His swimming pants are undersized and his manhood seems to be leading the way. From the trace, Natasha concludes his is not circumcised. What would that feel like when dipped inside her? Wow, she must taste this also. And it appears it’s gonna be an easy catch. Arabians and Lebanese with women…, only God would save them, she says in her mind. And just as she thinks, the man says “hi” to her, showing her his garlic stained teeth.
“Shit, I won’t kiss this one,” she says to herself, but he heard her.
“What?” screams the Arabian.
“I said I will kill you on bed.”
“And later be killed by the gun, huh?” the revelation shocks Natasha.


Someone has been watching. She points her middle finger to him and he responds with his five fingers. She gets up to go.

The inspector on the phone screams her name just as the Arabian says “wait!”
Her response is both to the circumcised Jew on the phone and the uncircumcised gentile that now stands at her back. He stretches his hands for a handshake. Natasha looks at the hand and refuses to take it. She gives him her other phone and he understands to punch his phone number on the keypad.  When he is done Natasha turns away immediately. The man stares at her butt as she goes away. He licks his tongue.
“Your name please?” he asks, but Natasha does not answer. Rather she speaks into the phone, “Am I still under investigation?”
“OK, now that you are awake, let me tell you what’s on ground.” The policeman is shouting at the top of his voice. “The wife and children of Late Mr. Dakwoi, the GM, have come to report that they want their father’s death investigated….that they heard he went out to see a woman that night. So you have to report to the station immediately.’’


Natasha pauses for some moment and then laughs out loud.
“Interesting!  And you told them I killed him, right? ” She laughs again. “Anyway, I am not in town at the moment, may be when I come back, you will….”
“Shut up.” The voice from the phone says, “you are at Transcorp Hotel, you murderer.” The shock is obvious on Natasha’s face as she enters the room and cuts the phone.

“What is it?” the chauffeur gets up from the bed to meet her.
“Suck me,” she says, attempting a smile. All the straps on her swimming trunks fall off.
“Oga has called. He is back and I have to go and pick him from the airport.”
“That means it would be long before you have me again. Ok, why don’t you take one for the road?”


She does not wait for his response before pulling off his boxers to reveal his bent manhood. She bends to suck it and the soldier boy rubs his hand on her hair. His phone rings and he tries to pick but Natasha pushes him on the bed and climbs on top of him.

“It’s oga o…” he was saying but she shuts his mouth with kisses and the effect is more on his dick than in his mouth. It rises so easily and stays strong longer than that of his boss. Her phone rings too and stylishly she glances at the caller: Inspector. She hisses and then pushes the soldier boy’s dick into her well lubricated muscular tube, and with her fleshy inner layers she tightens on his rod and the “boy” begins to moan. She moans too as his rod rubs on her clits giving her the pleasure she so much desires.


The two phones keep ringing as the Army General is calling the one below while the Police inspector is calling the one on top.
my oga…my oga…” the man below is shouting. Natasha wonders if he is actually referring to the General or her private part. But one thing she is sure of is that he is going to experience a fire organism in a moment. She is going to climax too as her erotic nerves are well charged up.

The sound from her and the boy, and the friction from his thrusting make a sweet music and she would love the inspector to hear it, and maybe dance to it. So she picks his call and leaves it on.

“Oh baby am Cummin’,” the army driver screams and she joins him. Her entire body is let loosed and she grabs him tightly. The last thing she hears from the phone is a pitiful sound from her phone which says, “She-gi-ya yarbanzan karuwa”(bastard useless daughter of a harlot).

-----------------TO BE CONT'D------------

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