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The Sensual Adventure of an Abuja babe: How the mighty that did valiantly in the battlefield come back home only to be crippled by nipples. Women are powerful indeed....

By Emdee David

Natasha smiles as the chauffeur to a senior military officer drives her into the most powerful area of this city. She sees herself as the center of power as well. Just a phone call and the senior soldier had sent an official military Peugeot Salon car to come pick her up. How the mighty that did valiantly in the battlefield come back home only to be crippled by nipples. Women are powerful indeed. She still wonders why they call them the weaker vessels, when “our vessels” carry all and sundry. Men are the weaker vessels, she thinks within her, staring at the young soldier behind the wheel. Lick their ears and they quickly sign a Cheque with nine zeros. Who knows why some Petroleum and Finance Ministries are headed by women? The biggest and most important sectors of a nation’s economy, headed by women. Who knows whose earlobe had been licked to make this happen?


Natasha is sure to lick one more earlobe and a police inspector would either go to jail or forever be silenced. Whichever, whatever, she just needs a Green wizard to free her from the Black wizard who wants to tear her local government to pieces? Or who says the colour of the Uniform doesn’t mean power? That was why she’d made a distress call to General Kalaks after leaving the Inspector of Police naked in the cheap hotel room in Kubwa.

The security gates open freely as they pass and she reads all the sign posts written in Military colours. She smiles again from the back seat and she bends forward to ask the driver, “What is Brigades of Guards.”
“Ma,” the Army chauffeur looks through the front mirror before responding. “They are soldiers.”
“Of course! Did I say they are mechanics?”
 The uniformed man suppressed a smile.
“Ma, are you are a Police woman?” the driver asks.
“No, why?”
“You pulled off your uniform and carried it in your hands when I picked you.”
“Nope, it’s not for me, it’s for ….never mind.”
“It’s ok. I understand. But please, never let my boss know I ever talked with you. I am not supposed to say anything to you.”
“It’s ok. I guess I am not supposed to ask you anything also. I am sorry.” She says.
“Don’t mention,” replies the driver.
“But can I have your number?”
“What for? No, madam.”
“I know the rules, soldier boy. I may want to return this favour someday. And I know when this uniform is off, the inner soldier has no rules.”
“Madam, I will advise you shut up your mouth. We are almost there,” he says sternly with a straight face.
“Trust me, I don’t kiss and tell.” There is no response.

The driver dials a number from his phone and speaks to his boss. “Copy sir,” He says to the phone and reverses the car to another destination. He ignores all her questions about where they are heading to and drives in silence.

Ten minutes later, he stops in front of a house and asks her to come down.
“Where is he?”
“Enter that building, someone will lead you to him.”
“Thanks. Your name?”
“Natasha Peters,” the driver says.
“What? I mean your own name.”
“I have your number, I will call you.”
“Bastard!” She drops and goes into the building where she is thoroughly checked and later taken to the waiting General in a guest room.


“I thought you said you are in the office?” she says to him as he smiles at her appearance. He says nothing, just smiling and stretching his opened hands to receive her.
“What do I do with the uniform….and…?”
“Throw them on the floor and come hither.” The couch is strong and large, able to carry their weight as Natasha begins an act of fellatio on him. They stop for a drink and then the matter at hand. The General is a man of few words. Two phone calls bring in the Inspector in thirty minutes within which time the General had cum twice; Natasha once, with her clitoris already swelling along with her nipples.

The shocked inspector is soberly speechless and he receives back his uniforms and other items, which includes the badge number he had been looking for and had paid so much to cover up for its absence.
“You can go,” the General says to the inspector. “And stay off Natasha, both personally and officially.” The inspector nods, secretly spying at Natasha who deliberately leaves her breasts bare.

“Now, tell me. Does she have any case to answer?” asks the General.
“No, sir!”
“No, sir.”
“Good. Au Revoir” The Army General dismisses the Inspector, and immediately stands to go to the bathroom. Natasha jumps at him at the door and pulls off his trousers and shirt.
“Thanks, so much.”
“Shut up. That was too risky, what if I wasn’t in town?”
“Then you would be missing what am about to do to you today?”
“You will still go to jail someday, maybe soon.”
“If it’s your jail, then no problem. Sex is usually sweeter with the prison warder.”
“I actually have no right to order him to do anything, but because you have a strong case against him – his uniform and other things you seized… and he knows I know the IG…”
“He deserves it. Now turn around.”

The commander is now being commanded. Natasha pushes him to the couch and then grabs his scrotums. She licks it with her tongue until all the veins show plainly, and the Army general begs the civilian to stand at attention. She obeys, but only for a while. She then lies on her back, with her bottom at the edge of the bed. She directs him to enter her while caressing her boobs or clit. Even without thrusting, both were deriving pleasure with the position they take.

Later, Natasha grips the man by crossing her ankles behind his back and he presses himself against her, the pressure mounts, giving both of them an intense pleasure as he feels the contractions of her vagina and she feels every movement of his dick. The second Cumming (orgasm) is so militarily apocalyptic….but it is not yet Armageddon.

-----------------TO BE CONT'D------------

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