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Meet Nollywood Sweetheart, the man who says

Alexx Ekubo is presently one of the hottest male actors in Nollywood. Having the first runner up, 2010 Mr Nigeria title proves he has the qualities every woman dreams of. Some of his fans call him 'Nollywood sweetheart' but he refers to himself as the 'The Method Actor'. And Alexx is also one of the few good looking male celebrities that is not shy to say he is born again. In this interview with AEN, he tells more about his career and life.

AEN: You are practically in every movie‎ premiering at the cinemas, how does this make you feel?

ALEXX EKUBO: Its feels good to be a part of major Cinema movies. Knowing that my talent is been appreciated and viewed by a wider audience, its humbling and exciting at the same time. And I'm grateful for been given the opportunity to work.


AEN: How do you handle the work loads so the timing does not clash when you are supposed to be on set?

ALEXX EKUBO: I'm a great organizer of my time. I plan my schedule in a way that it doesn't clash. I don't bite more than I can chew at any given time. I've learnt you win some you lose some, and by trying to win all, you ultimately lose it All.

AEN: Of all the jobs you have done so far, which is the most challenging?

ALEXX EKUBO: I would say #TheFirstLady a movie produced and directed by Omoni Oboli. I played the character Obama who is a local violent pimp and leader of a prostitution ring. The character in its entirety is totally different from anything I've played before and very challenging to sustain, from my brash reactions to the deep pidgin english, but I'm happy with the outcome of the movie and the publicity its gathered in a short time to been dubbed #TheBestComedySeenInYears.

AEN: You are now rated as Nollywood sweetheart, have you heard such comments from your fans and how does that make you feel?

ALEXX EKUBO: To be called " Nollywood's Sweetheart" is heart warming to know that people appreciate not just my Art but me as a person, and I'm not taking it for granted, and I hope I never disappoint my believers.

AEN: How far do you aspire to go with acting?

ALEXX EKUBO: As far as it pleases the Lord. Everything I am, everything I ever will be is because of my Lord Jesus Christ. I rely solely on him for guidance and direction.

AEN: Tell us, are you still romancing your first love (modeling)‎ that launched you into limelight?

ALEXX EKUBO: Actually, I started acting before I started modeling, to answer your question aptly. I still Model.

AEN: How often do you model?

ALEXX EKUBO: I Model when I get a chance.

AEN: Would you love to be recognized more as an actor or as a model?

ALEXX EKUBO: Right now, I'm Alexx Ekubo THE ACTOR first before anything else.

AEN: Tell us about your new found love 'fashion.'

ALEXX EKUBO: Fashion is not new to me, I was raised by fashion. My Mum is a fashion Designer, she has her label called Jalex Creations and she groomed me to know that appearance is everything.

AEN: What is your favourite fashion item?

ALEXX EKUBO: PERFUME, you cannot under estimate the power of a well scented man.

AEN: How big is your wardrobe now?

ALEXX EKUBO: Big enough to accommodate my belongings.

AEN: What is the most expensive fashion item in your wardrobe?

ALEXX EKUBO: I'm not a price conscious person. It doesn't have to break your bank to make sense. At the end of the day its all material things, which can be lost, broken or stolen.

AEN: With the way you are going with fashion, do you intend to be a fashion god?

ALEXX EKUBO: I have NO intention to be a "fashion god" or any "god" of any sort. There is only one God, and that is Jehovah Nisi the Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End, the First and the Last.

AEN: There is this random belief that good looking men are not usually religious, but it's a different story with you. Have you always been this religious?

ALEXX EKUBO: I'm a very spiritual person. As the saying goes, Train up a child in the way he should grow, and when he grows he will not depart from it. I was raised by God fearing parents and that has greatly guided me in all facets of Life.

AEN: Can we say you are born again?


AEN: How do you maintain your good looks and physic? Any special routine?

ALEXX EKUBO: I Rarely go to the Gym because of my schedule, I try to eat right & maintain a healthy lifestyle.

AEN: You are one of the hottest male actors in Nollywood now, tell us how often girls harrass you?

ALEXX EKUBO:  It comes with the terrain, but I keep a level head on my shoulder and try to manage it to the best of my ability while staying focused and keeping my eyes on the ball at all times.

AEN: Aside when you were linked with Yemi Alade, we have not heard anything about your love life. Is there any girl that makes your heart throb at the moment?

ALEXX EKUBO: That's because there are two things I don't talk about, my finance and my relationship. Just know I'm not missing any meal and I'm far from being lonely.

AEN: Do you believe good looking men like you should settle down early or groove till they are 50 and then settle down?

ALEXX EKUBO: The appropriate age to settle down is personal, as age is not tantamount to maturity. I've met 18 year old Men and 50 year old Boys.

In conclusion: To my Avid supporters thank you for the tremendous love & support over the years, I appreciate each & everyone of you, and I look forward to a bigger brighter 2016 for us all, also beware of Fraudsters my Authentic social media handle for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Fanpage: @AlexxEkubo God bless us all & you see you all in 2016.



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