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“Medical Marijuana Cured My Cancer,” says, Jimmy Carter.

At an interview granted to ABC News about the remission of his cancer, former President Jimmy Carter said he had been cured of Cancer with marijuana, which killing his cancer cells.

The Nobel winner, whose brain cancer had been an ordeal, thanked family and friends, including Terrance ‘Scooby’ Williams of Dr. Green’s Greenery, a pot dispensary in Oakland, CA, "for helping him find the right strain of cannabis".

Carter said “I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night, I smoke two joint in the afternoon, and it makes me feel all right. Edibles are also good when traveling when smoking is not permitted.”


Carter who is a 91-year-old humanitarian, is said to have resumed his house "building for Habitat for Humanity and continues his weekly prayer service.

He said “Marijuana is God’s medicine. I find indica is better than sativa, but there are plenty of good hybrids. There is the right place and the right time to spark up a bowl. Don’t be a pothead but also be aware of the potential benefits of cannabis when used in moderation with the right music.

“I was never of big fan of alcohol but weed is the medicine I need. It also revived my love for peanuts. Have you ever eaten a peanut… on weed?” Carter concludes.


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