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Shidoo Tarkaa talks about "Assurance”, using the case of Davido and Chioma as an example. Do all girls need the N45m Porsche?

"Assurance” Part 1(women)

Hello everyone,
I know the word Assurance is popular now *smiles*, since Davido (David Adedeji Adeleke)... gave his girlfriend Chioma Avril a Porsche car worth N45m on her birthday with the number plate "Assurance", which most translated to giving her, his assurance of love and he followed it up with a song, oh how adorable!...The word "Assurance" instantly became a trending word. A lot of ladies joined in too with posts such as “If your boyfriend doesn't give you assurance like Davido gave Chioma, dump him..."

"My boyfriend needs to give me assurance too"... and so on.

I have really reserved my comments about this episode but trust me I had a lot of thoughts in my head about this, then came this column "all about love" and I am thinking let's do this in a two part series. I talk about the ladies and I talk about the gentlemen.

Okay, today I will dedicate my time to talk to the ladies. So he (Davido) bought his girlfriend a Porsche on her birthday as a promise of his love and you are already comparing your man, boyfriend or husband to him, that not silly? Just asking.

Comparing your relationship is easy to do in a society that glamourizes certain relationships, and has sayings on social media pages filled with ‘couple goals’. But it’s toxic.

It is toxic because it puts you in the mindset of being sad over what you don’t have, instead of appreciating what you do have.



It’s also toxic because, each relationship is different. Each relationship has its own way of working, and that’s okay.


It’s also toxic because we don’t see everything. Whether it’s a couple on Instagram or your best friend’s relationship, you’re never going to fully know the full details of their relationships. Sure, couples that take cute photos kissing on the beach seem ideal, but what you don’t see is their screaming matches over little issues the morning.


You never know what’s truly going on in someone’s relationship, whether they stay low-key or make Instagram posts daily. And you shouldn’t. That’s their relationship, and it should therefore stay between them.

But, don’t let social media relationships or those of your friends dictate yours.


The worst thing you can do to a man you are in love with is to constantly compare him with another man, especially if the man is more achieved than he is, that is like " killing him slowly " and breaking down his self-esteem. Okay, how sweet was Davido's gesture? Very sweet indeed but that is not your relationship or would you want to endure all she has gone through in the relationship as well. I know a lot of us would not want that.


Ladies learn to appreciate your significant other's gesture no matter how little, it is the thought that counts, you know. Some of these men are breaking their backs daily just to put food on the table and make you comfortable; they would really need the appreciation. Never you compare your relationship to another or dream of another either.

Shidoo Tarkaa is an on-air personality/actress and writer amongst other things. I am a social enthusiast and I love topics about love and relationships. Right now I share my time between work and more learning.



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