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The Sensual Adventure of an Abuja babe: Natasha gulps her drink and stands in her extremely short bum-short which reveals more than half of her butts.

By Emdee David.

Natasha and her friend, Cynthia, are in bed together, chatting about what happened the other day in the office with the GM. They are both half-naked and two glasses of wine are already empty. Natasha is reluctant but Cynthia wants the full gist. Mr. Dakwoi, the GM, is her uncle who made her believe having an erection on its own was a sin. He always said that only corrupt minds have an erection, because of what went on in their mind. That was a long time ago, anyway, while she was an undergraduate.


“So, tell me, what now happened?” asked Cynthia. “Did he go in or open the door?”
“Guess, what do you think happened?”
“Well, the Dakwo I know would quickly wear his trousers and open the door, after making you dress up and sit down,” Cynthia surmises.
“Well, you are right. That was exactly what he tried to do.”
“But he was on fire and I was burning…”
“So? ”
“So what? You should know the rest.”
“No, tell me.”
“Then pour me some more wine.”
“You are getting drunk.”
“And getting horny…”
“You are on your own o.”


Cynthia pours her more wine and pours herself just a little. “What did he do?” she asks again.
“He just stood there, transfixed…” Natasha responds.
“And?” Cynthia won’t give up.
“Wow, in you?”
“No, on the floor…and then he started apologizing, that he will make it up to me…and all that.”
Cynthia laughs and rolls on the rug carpet.


“What’s funny?”
“What’s he going to make up? The sperm he poured away? Will he get some into your womb?”
“Shut up,” Natasha shouts and joins in the laughter. It is an unnecessarily long hysterical laughter provoked not only by the joke, but also by the red wine.
“I can’t just imagine the look on his face when he was pouring out the precious Akamu…was he holding his dick or…”
“I was holding it for him and pointed it to the floor,” says Natasha and she demonstrates with her folded hand. “And by the time it collapsed I was already in the toilet….”
“And he didn’t clean up?”
“Well, by the time I came out, the semen was replaced by a full human being.”
“In less than nine months?”
“Well, miracles still happen.”
“I don’t get it….” Then she thinks for a while. “Oh okay.” Cynthia begins to laugh again. “So who was it?”
“The one who was knocking, who denied GM his long-anticipated juice of my Eden fruit.”


Natasha gulps her drink and stands in her extremely short bum-short which reveals more than half of her butts. She goes to the sitting room to play some music from the parlour cabinet. Cynthia stands and goes to meet her. With her hand  she raised up the two helms of her short silky skirt as she walks out of the bedroom. She wears no pant and deliberately shows her private part to the large teddy bear sitting motionlessly on the couch. She twists her waist and dances salaciously before the doll with her middle finger between her teeth being nibbled.


Natasha stands still to watch her friend moving further to cover up the rubber animal with her short skirt and sets her clit on the nose of the teddy bear. After a while, Natasha screams at her friend who was already moaning and mouthing “awww….oh God…oh God….”
“Cynthia! What’s wrong with you?”
“I need to get laid tonight…how I wish you are a man.”
“Sorry, I am not. You didn’t even ask me who I came back to meet in the office,” asks Natasha.
“Of course, I know,” answers Cynthia, pulling away from the Teddy Bear.
“The one who was knocking, and who…”
“Who?” Natasha cuts in.
“The Secretary.”
“What? Who? The visitor at the reception?”
Natasha’s phone rings and she goes to pick it; seeing the caller, she made a hiss.
“The son of a dick”
“Dickson! oh my God!” Cynthia screams. “See movie o, so what happened?”
“I went out,” Natasha said to Cynthia but into the phone, she said “No, not you, I was talking to…a friend.”
“Who is that?” asked Cynthia in a whisper.  Her friend only waves her to shut up and continued with her caller.
“ No, don’t worry, GM…I don’t deal with quick ejaculators….if you can’t “hang” for long, then I can’t enjoy sex with you….what?...what did you take?...Oh God, why?....” Natasha laughs out loud. Cynthia is already close by, eavesdropping. Natasha notices and puts the phone on speaker and both of them listen as Mr. Dakwoi emotionally pleads for a sex action this night.

“Okay, come and pick me….no, no no, I will meet you at Banex Plaza, in 10 minutes.” Cynthia is already in a mad laughter when she hangs the phone.

“I can’t believe this…he went to swallow burantashi (sex enhancing herbal medicine)….just for you?”
“Religious people are real hypocrites.”
“Natasha, I wish he were not my uncle, I would’ve asked you to dash me the show. Mennnnnn! So will you go?”

Natasha says, “Watch me. God saves him if he ejaculates before 20 minutes. I will bite off his cock.” Natasha remains in the bum short and  puts on only a top, light and transparent.
“So, what now happens to me?”
“Teddy is already having erection…continue from where you stopped.”
“Stop it!”
“He doesn’t even need a condom.”
“I am going out too….I can’t bear this.”

The doorbell rings, Natasha is already at the door, but turns back to get her purse from inside the room. So Cynthia rushes to get the door.
“Free meat.” Cynthia whispers to herself, and moves away for the visitor to come in.
“Where is Ms Peters?” the visitor said.
“She is out for the night? Is she expecting you?”
“Not really, I just thought she would be home, I need to see her,” says the visitor whose eyes are fixed on Cynthia’s thighs and hips in pretentious shyness.
“Sir, are you horny?” Cynthia gets the whole signals and dared.
“Excuse me?”
“I am.”
Cynthia drops her skirt and gently massages her breasts. “So… suck.”
The unexpected visitor smiles, but Cynthia’s hand is already on the swollen flap of the trousers of one of Adam’s descendants who chose to stray from the garden.


The kissing happens naturally, the breast touching too. But what is not natural is Natasha’s reaction when she comes out to meet them. She bends down to unzip the man’s zip, pulls down the trousers and goes for his manhood. In sudden realization and consequent shock, the man pulls away and begins to plead with Natasha, “I am sorry…it’s the devil….”
“No, it’s the lord’s doing,” Natasha says, pulling off her clothes. “I swear it will be marvelous in your sight.”

Cynthia cannot wait, she jumps on him and with the way she sucks his manhood, his “sorry” turns to “suck on”. Natasha deals with his nipples and treats him with a passionate kiss. The screams and moaning come in three different tones – bass, tenor and soprano.

They soon move into the bedroom and Mr. Dickson at the end says he didn’t regret his coming unannounced. The two-some was awesome.

Only a burantashi-sunken GM suffers the whole night.

-------------To Be Cont'd--------

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